Chase Bryant Hangs With Patients At Seacrest Studios

American country singer/songwriter, Chase Bryant, walked his cowboy boots into Seacrest Studios at Levine Children's Hospital and caused a country stir!  On tour with Tim McGraw and the Shotgun Rider Tour, Bryant is a few states away from his native Texas, and not far from his Nashville digs, but you would have thought him right at home in the Queen City.  "I'm glad to be in Charlotte!  I have a lot of friends here so it's always a good time." 

About his relationship with Tim McGraw, Chase said, "We are good friends and I'm glad to workout with Tim." Bryant told patients that Tim McGraw exercises a staggering 8-9 hours a day!  Bryant himself will "do about 2-4 hours with him."  It's hard to imagine exercising that much each day, but it seems to be part of the discipline that McGraw and this young country artist share.  "We are all good friends on the tour," said Bryant. Chase's visit seemed to have special meaning for him because of a beloved brother he grew up with who had Stage 4 leukemia.  Bryant encouraged patients by telling the story of his brother who received a grim prognosis when he was young, but who has lived 28 years and is now cancer-free!  His words of support for patients going through illness right now made our day! When speaking of his heroes, Chase said that Michael Jordan was the "king of my era." He also talked about music he likes - Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" - which is his go-to karaoke song, along with TLC’s “Waterfalls.” Taking the fast track to country music, Chase graduated from high school very early - the first week of his junior year - so that he could move to California and write music.  His advice now though is "go to college and get your education."  It didn't happen for Bryant that way.  He just wanted to write music.  "I write all of my songs on paper.  I have tons of notebooks on my bedside tables." At just 22 years old, Chase Bryant has the chops, and the musical legacy, to take him straight to the top.  His grandfather was Roy Orbison band member, Jimmy Bryant. For now, we will settle for happy memories of Chase at Seacrest Studios, and we'll be following the Tim McGraw tour, and Chase Bryant!  Happy Trails, Chase!