Chase Stokes Updates Patients On "Outer Banks" Season Two

Written by Patient Media & Events Supervisor, Matt Piontkowski

On Wednesday, May 12th, Seacrest Studios across the nation welcomed actor Chase Stokes, of the hit Netflix show, “Outer Banks.” Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was joined by studio teams at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta,Levine Children’s Hospital and Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children!

Kicking off the interview, patients from all hospitals were super excited to learn more about the highly anticipated Season 2 of the show!  Chase was able to share that the message of friends doing whatever it takes for one another, continues to come across strong.  The show as a whole was described as “going to summer camp”, because the set consists of a wonderful cast and crew, which truly became a dream come true for Stokes.  He shared a few funny stories and memories that he has gained along the filming journey.

Traveling up and down the East Coast to our other studios, we learned that Stokes’ bucket list of items include exploring The Great Barrier Reef and landing the iconic dream role of Indiana Jones!  However, never challenge Chase to a food fight, because you will be getting hit with a plethora of cold chowder!  Stumping him on his favorite superhero, Stokes landed on choosing Aquaman, Master of the Seas, as he is a big fan of Jason Momoa.

Wrapping up the interview, we learned that commitment, patience, presence and following your heart can be the best way to “Chase” the career of your dreams.  Stokes is at the peak of his career and we are so excited to see the future of this incredible actor!