Chasing dreams with Chayce Beckham!

Chasing dreams with Chayce Beckham in Seacrest Studios! The 2021 American Idol winner stopped by Children’s National Hospital to talk about his journey from golden ticket to top of the charts.

Chayce shared that he fell for music when he was just three years old after he tripped and scraped his knee in front of a guitar store. To help him feel better, his grandma took him inside and got him his first guitar -- the rest, as they say, is history.

But it’s wasn't just Chayce who was musically inclined during this visit. One Children's National patient (better known as DJ Char the Rockstar) took Chayce by surprise when she handed him a bright green kazoo and asked him to have an impromptu performance with her during the visit. Soon the studio was filled with patients, staff, and Chayce himself doing a rendition of “You’re Welcome” from Moana. 

When the laughter died down after Kazoo Karaoke, Chayce brought out his guitar and performed three of his favorite songs for patients. He ended the visit with a message of hope; reminding patients to “Keep on trucking,” even when times are tough. Thank you, Chayce, for taking the time to come and hang out with us at Seacrest Studios!