Cher Lloyd Tells Patients To 'Dream...and Dream Big!'

Cincinnati Children’s was thrilled to welcome Cher Lloyd to Seacrest Studios.

In town for a performance, the British singer and model interacted with patients and families both on the phone and in the studio, and Cher made a huge impact on one family whose child wasn’t feeling well enough to come down and visit. The young girl’s parents brought a cell phone for Cher to record a personal and uplifting message for the girl to watch.

Cher re-traced her journey as a young girl falling in love with music while listening to Dolly Parton at home in the United Kingdom, to now blossoming on the world stage after a resounding performance on X-Factor. She took photos, signed autographs and played “Name That Tune” and Trivia with our patients and families on a great day at Seacrest Studios. Thank you, Cher, for a wonderful visit!