Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Welcomed Usher For a Very Special Visit!

A huge crowd gathered with excitement to get a glimpse of Usher when he visited Seacrest Studios in Atlanta a week before Christmas. The international star, who brilliantly sings and dances, greeted patients and sat down for a quick chat.

Usher told the patients that he started singing in church at age 9 but really started his solo career in Atlanta when he was 12 years old. He also told the crowd that Michael Jackson had been the biggest influence on his career.

Usher also spoke about how important the gift of giving is (a lesson he is always talking about with his sons). “It’s not about how big you are or how much money you make or how many people scream your name or the places you go. It’s really about the time you take to care for others. The time you take to make someone else’s happiness a priority and I’m just happy to be able to do that.”

Among his other credits, Usher acts, sings, and dances. Multi-talented and extremely successful, this influential celebrity shared encouraging words and some of his philosophy, and inspired those who gathered in, and around, the broadcast studio to follow their dreams. While we had Usher in the studio, we HAD to ask about Justin Bieber! Usher was happy to talk about working with Justin and some of the advice he has given him over the years.

Usher will continue his mentoring of young musicians as he joins the cast of The Voice as a judge next season. He said one of the only things he was nervous about, was the competition he was going to face with Shakira as one of the judges!

With more than 20 Billboard Music Awards, 7 Grammy Awards, 9 Soul Train Awards, 8 American Music Awards and countless others, Usher is nominated for a Grammy this coming year and we wish him the best of luck! Many thanks to Usher for such a special day in Seacrest Studios. It is one we will never forget.