CHOP'S 'The Voice' Plays Host to Their First Pop Rock Visitors, Hot Chelle Rae!

The Voice studio at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) played host to it's first pop-rock band last Thursday! The up and coming Nashville group Hot Chelle Rae made an appearance at the studio where they participated in an interview that was broadcast throughout the hospital. The guys talked about the history of the band and how they worked hard to become the much talked about rock group they are today. Brothers RK and Jamie also told us how fun it is to go on tour with a sibling. We definitely think it’d be more fun to go on tour if our brothers and/or sisters could come with us!

The patients at CHOP got another lucky treat when Hot Chelle Rae performed two very popular songs. First, they played a live version of their hit single “Tonight Tonight” followed by a fantastic rendition of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”

 Before leaving, the modest and down-to-earth band members made sure to sign each and every autograph and take pictures with all the kids there. Hot Chelle Rae was a pleasure to have at The Voice-they definitely brightened up the day for the children staying at CHOP!