Chris Pratt Makes A Special Trip To Visit Patients At Seacrest Studios Atlanta

Video by: Seacrest Studios Intern, Barbara Rego Recap by: Seacrest Studios Intern, Katelyn Stanitzke 

What an amazing Saturday for Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta!  Actor Chris Pratt took a break from filming Passengers to come pay a visit to some of his biggest fans. He even brought along special toys from Jurassic World for every patient. We had the chance to ask him about his career, his current project, and even his plans for Halloween. 

Chris said he got into acting at a young age when he saw his older brother acting in the school play and he was instantly inspired to become an actor. One of his fans asked him what his favorite movie is that he has acted in and he talked about filming Jurassic World.  Chris said that he, his wife, Anna Faris, and his son, Jack, all stayed in a house together in Hawaii during the filming of Jurassic World and it felt like a vacation the entire time. 

Another enthusiastic patient asked Chris what it’s like to work with his co-star Jennifer Lawrence.  He replied, “Acting with Jennifer Lawrence is even more fun than you would imagine. She’s really cool, super smart and talented.  I get on set and I don’t want to leave her side.” He concluded his interview with some advice for patients who one day hope to get into acting themselves: “You can always act. You continue to do it and you get better and better.  Focus on the practice and the acting portion and just have belief in yourself and find that special thing about you that no one else has which is what makes you unique and focus on that.” After graciously taking pictures with patients and families, Chris left the studio with a heartfelt parting gift in hand, a handmade banner from a grateful patient that was signed by many other fans in the hospital. Thank you Chris for a day we will never forget.