Chris Pratt Makes a Virtual Appearance in Seacrest Studios

Patients and families from Seacrest Studios across the country all felt "super" after meeting Lego master, dinosaur expert and Star Lord himself...Chris Pratt! Fans from Seacrest Studios in Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, D.C. Denver, Orange County and Orlando tuned in for this special visit with the Avenger star.

DJ Marqwett in the Nation's Capital kicked off the first of many patient questions by asking the actor about what film was his favorite to star in! DJ Lil Pratt said all the films he has worked on have been great but his favorite two were Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy. The duo also bonded over their shared love of football! 

DJ Lil Pratt didn't know he was going to meet his biggest fan until he met DJ Declan! DJ Declan, who called in from Boston Children's Hospital, had his own "bite-sized" Groot with him at his bedside and he even had a Guardians of the Galaxy lunchbox! The dynamic duo talked about their shared passion of video games with DJ Declan sharing that he loves playing as Chris' Star Lord character in the "Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2" game. 

DJ Matthew, who was calling in from Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, N.C., told the actor that he was turning 16 years old in December! DJ Lil Pratt wished the teen a happy birthday before the two started discussing their favorite characters from the show, Parks and Recreation. DJ Matthew shared that his favorite character from the comedy is Chris Pratt's character, Andy Dwyer! DJ Matthew said that he and his family have been binge-watching the show during quarantine.

Wrapping up the visit in DC, DJ James asked the star how he got into acting. DJ Lil Pratt shared that at the young age of 5, he watched his older brother perform in a holiday play. DJ Lil Pratt looks up to his big brother and wanted to follow in his acting footsteps. 

We were "hooked" from the moment Chris Pratt appeared on our television screens. We can't thank you enough DJ Lil Pratt for making these magical memories that patients and families across the country will never forget!