Chris Rene Hangs Out At CHOP!

Chris Rene stopped by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and was greeted with open arms by the patients. Chris took the time to get to know the patients at CHOP and open up about his love for music, his experience on X Factor and his life after the competition. Chris first became interested in music when he was very young and would play on a plastic guitar. It wasn’t until he turned 12 years old that he got his first real electric guitar. He decided to take formal guitar lessons and then moved on to take drum lessons from his older brother. He told the patients that if he could ever create an instrument, he would make one that combined the guitar, piano and drums all in one!

He started performing at a young age and the first time he played on a stage was at a bar. He laughed about this experience because he was not old enough to be at the bar and had to leave right after his performance! The band he was in when he was younger included his brother and best friends (they all lived next to each other).

They would always play at events together while their mothers sold t-shirts. When Chris went on the X Factor he was both excited and nervous. He would sometimes doubt his performance after he left the stage but then would reassure himself that he did a good job when he watched the show back later. He has remained friends with a lot of the contestants from the show and keeps in touch with them through twitter (he does all of his own tweets: @MrChrisRene).

The patients asked him how he came up with “Young Homie” and he explained that it was inspired by his own past experiences. He let everyone know that he is almost done with his CD and that the new song he will be releasing is “Trouble.” Before he left, Chris was asked to play a game of “Would You Rather.” From the game the patients learned that he would rather live in an Apple Store than a Starbucks (he loves video games!) and he would rather share a dorm room with Batman than Spiderman (he loves his cape and cool gadgets).

We want to extend a big thank you to Chris for helping make it a special day at the hospital.

Check out all the great pictures taken during his visit as well as a FOX news piece segment that recaps his time at CHOP!

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