Christina Grimmie Plays Her Hit Songs At CHOP!

Christina Grimmie, the talented pianist, singer and YouTube sensation, stopped by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to hang out at the THE VOICE. The patients at CHOP were very excited to meet Christina and had so much fun watching her play her two hit songs “Liar Liar” and “Advice.”

The children then had the opportunity to sit down with Christina and interview her with some silly and serious questions. One of the first things the kids learned about Christina was that she loves video games! The kids all thought it was very cool that she was gamer.

Next we learned that Christina has a great relationship with her brother, who travels on tour with her as her production assistant. When Christina is not performing, she loves hanging out with him on her tour bus. Christina also talked about her music. Everyone was surprised to learn that she has been singing and writing songs since she has been 5 years old.

The kids also learned that Christina produced her first album independently and is hoping to make her second album over the next year. When she was asked who her top choice would be to perform with, she said, Christina Aguilera. She also let us in on one of her biggest fears…spiders! In fact she is so scared of them, that when playing a game of “Would You Rather” during the interview, she told all the kids that she would much rather eat 100 lightning bugs than 1 spider.

After the interview, Christina met with all of the kids, signed autographs and posed for individual pictures. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation and CHOP would like to thank her for stopping by and helping put huge smiles on all of the children's faces!