Ciara Bravo Visits Seacrest Studios In Cincinnati for a Second Time!

Written By: Anna Fagin, Seacrest Studios Intern Video Recap By: Zachary Wells

For a second time since the studio opened in November, Nickelodeon’s Ciara Bravo brought her positive attitude and words of encouragement to Seacrest Studios to spread some cheer at Cincinnati Children’s. Ciara’s relaxed and down-to-earth personality made for an exciting patient interview and fun trivia games.

She eagerly answered our guest hosts’ questions and gave us the inside scoop on her experience with her first big TV series, Big Time Rush. Ciara also told the kids about her new show, the Red Band Society, to be aired on Fox. But this drama hits closer to home for the Children’s patients. The show is set in the confines of a hospital with characters just like some of the teens here. Ciara finds it important to learn from the patients she visits and sees it as a “grounding experience.” Ciara added, “I love coming to Children’s Hospital, especially here, because you guys uplift me.” Ciara also said she would love to come back for a third visit when your schedule allows. Thank you, Ciara!!