Cimorelli Returns To Seacrest Studios In Dallas!

The Cimorelli sisters visited Seacrest Studios at Children's Medical Center of Dallas for the second time to hang out with patients and show off some of their new tunes. The group performed their hit single “Made in America” and opened up about the album they are currently working on. Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani attracted a massive fan base by posting A Capella covers on YouTube; however, the sisters promise their new album will be full of originals - and they are excited!

“Putting our original music out there has been so amazing, and we have such an amazing fan response for those songs that are originals. So, I think that is going to be our focus,” Katherine said. Christina said fans can look forward to songs that reveal personal details about the girls’ lives. “We have so many songs they haven’t heard yet about relationships and our life and stuff, so it is really exciting to start releasing a few,” she said. Along with their unique fashion and musical styles, the sisters are equipped with their own personalities.

They described each other during their visit, and here’s the scoop on each one (from oldest to youngest):

Christina: “She has a tough shell. She is very bossy. She likes to be in charge and be the leader… She also has a fun, spunky, silly side. She likes to have fun together and get everyone together in the mini van and go to the store together,” Katherine said.

Katherine: “Katherine is really bubbly & motherly. She likes to bake cookies… She loves people and likes to write poetry,” Lisa said.

Lisa: “Lisa is really chill but also really hyper at the same time… She is really into music and stuff. She is always listening to music. She likes to plug the headphones in halfway so she can hear the background vocals,” Amy said.

Amy: “Amy doesn’t want to rock the boat. She will do anything for you, pretty much. She likes to keep everyone happy and take care of people, and then she is just fun,” Lauren said.

Lauren: “Lauren is very introverted, sarcastic. She gives me these motivational speeches every week,” Dani said.

Dani: “Dani is really energetic and does not stop moving, EVER. She’s spunky, bubbly, really outgoing. Dani just loves talking to people all the time,” Christina said. Thanks for visiting the studio for the second time – we can’t wait for the new album!