Cirque Du Soleil Brings An Incredible Act To Seacrest Studios!

Written by Seacrest Studio intern, Rosa Pyo
Video by Seacrest Studio intern, Sidni Espinosa
On-air Interview by Seacrest Studio Intern, Sarah Roach

Wow! Circus troupe Cirque du Soleil shined at Children’s National in Washington D.C. From a laughter filled interview to a stunning live performance of their show Volta, our patients and families were thrilled to have the cast from Cirque du Soleil visit Seacrest Studios at Children’s National. The troupe wore extravagant outfits in bright colors. One performer even had golden eyebrows!

During the interview, our patients asked the performers silly “Would You Rather” questions including if they would rather fly or be invisible! All the performers said they would fly and one performer even said she already flies for a living since she is an acrobat! The adventurous performers travel all over the world and even call home different places across the globe including the United Kingdom, Quebec, Russia and even China! Together they turned the Main Atrium into a big top circus.

The show began with a Diabolo performance, with the performer balancing not one but TWO discs on a string and throwing them high in the atrium. The audience gasped and cheered as he flipped while throwing a disc and catching it. Mr. Wow, the clown extraordinaire, was up next. He made a silly entrance and made the crowd roar with laughter throughout his entire performance. Even using an orange traffic cone as endless items such as a megaphone, ice cream and a pirate’s leg. His imagination clearly had no limits. The show ended with a unicyclist and acrobatic duo who wowed the crowd with their mind-boggling tricks. The finale? The acrobat standing on her partner’s head as he rode his unicycle. WOW!

Cirque du Soleil translates as circus of the sun which is truly fitting because the troupe had brightened all of our patients and families at Children’s National with their presence. Cirque du Soleil was such a dazzling guest at Seacrest Studios and we are so thankful for their visit. We hope to see you guys next time you visit the D.C. area!