Cody Simpson Creates Smiles At CHOA!

Cody Simpson stopped by the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta yesterday and was greeted by a huge crowd of smiling patients. Cody was excited to take a little break from his tour to stop in to the hospital and get interviewed at The Voice.

Cody talked to all of the patients about his family life. He is very close to his family and it was very important for them to all stay together so his entire family moved with him to Los Angeles and now everyone travels with Cody on tour. But even though they are on the road, education is really important to his parents, so they never forget to bring a tutor along.

Cody believes that music really can bring people together. This was something he learned from his dad, who used to play guitar and sing for family and friends at parties back in Australia. He also learned the importance of a strong work ethic from his mom and dad. Both of his parents were swimmers and Cody started swimming at a very young age. He credits a lot of his success to the lessons he learned about dedication and the importance of commitment from swimming.

And he shared a fun fact…his favorite swimming stroke is the Butterfly! The hospital and patients were ecstatic to have Cody join them for the afternoon and we want to thank him for his visit!