Cody Simpson Makes A Second Stop At CHOP!

CHOP was so excited to have Cody Simpson back in studio last week so we could catch up on all the great things happening with his career.

Since his last visit to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Cody has been to Canada, Japan and Australia (where he grew up)! He is currently opening for Big Time Rush (who visited the studio earlier that day) until the end of September and had a show with them that very evening.

From his past visits (in studio) we have learned that Cody used to be a competitive swimmer, so it was no surprise to us that it is his favorite sport to watch on the Olympics. He doesn’t really have much time to swim with his current schedule, but when he does, he specializes in the butterfly!

The patients asked Cody what his favorite song that he has written was and he said that it was “Paradise” from his new album. When they asked which musician has had the biggest influence on him he explained that he really looks up to Justin Timberlake and hopes to work with him one day.

The patients asked Cody to tell them some things about him that not everyone knows. He let them in on a few secrets…his favorite color is blue, his favorite (and lucky) number is 4, his favorite Xbox game is “Halo 3” (he plays with his little brother) and he absolutely loves tacos (soft shell with no cheese!).

Before Cody wrapped up his great visit, he performed his new single "Wish You Were Here" with his acoustic guitar and took pictures with the patients.

We were so happy to welcome back Cody to the studio and are so appreciative of all of his support! We hope he stops back in every time he is town!