Cody Simpson Stopped By CHOP This Thanksgiving Weekend!

Cody Simpson stopped by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia this Thanksgiving weekend and was welcomed by a very large and excited crowd of children! He sat down for an interview with the patients, took pictures, gave autographs and sang “Angel,” which he explained was his favorite song he’s ever written.

Cody talked a little about his YouTube success. He remembers the day he posted a cover of a Jason Mraz song and his followers went from 20 to 20 million!

He told the children that he never imagined he would have become so popular on YouTube but is so thankful for all the support. He also was very surprised that he has become so popular in the United States. In fact, his success started in the U.S. and is now moving on to Australia, where he is from.

Everyone was happy to hear that he is very close with his family. He has a sister that is 13 and a brother that is 7. In fact, his family is so close that they all decided to move with him to the United States to support his career and so they could all stay together. Cody and his siblings are all homeschooled in Los Angeles.

When the children asked him what three words he would use to best describe himself, he had a hard time coming up with them. But after a little help from the in-studio audience, he came up with “cool,” “easy going,” and “fun.” All of the children were very happy to get to spend this time with Cody and he definitely brought a smile to their faces with his visit this holiday weekend!