Colbie Caillat Visits Children's Hospital of Atlanta

The Children’s Hospital of Atlanta (CHOA) played host to the adorable singer and songwriter, Colbie Caillat, who had a blast visiting the children there. The patients at CHOA were so delighted to see this guitar strumming pop star in person that many showered her with gifts upon her arrival! One young patient gave Colbie a few pages out of her coloring book. Feeling flattered, Colbie thanked her for the gift and refused to set the pictures down throughout her visit! She was seen leaving the hospital with the pictures in hand.

Shortly after her arrival, Colbie sat down for an interview in The Voice media center where she revealed some surprising facts about herself. Although this pretty starlet makes a living performing in front of audiences, she let on that she’s actually extremely shy! Though it is often difficult and a bit nerve wracking to get up on the stage, Colbie knows that she has to face her fear before every performance. Turns out, she’s gotten more used to being in the spotlight since her rise to fame. We’re so glad!

This positive and upbeat singer has had several top hits over the years, including "Unwritten," "Bubbly," and “Lucky,” just to name a few. Most of her songs about life and change share the same message of strength and determination. Colbie’s words of courage rang true with the children at The Voice. They, too, must deal with frightening situations on a daily basis as they fight their illnesses. Even though they’re facing their fears every single day, the kids left Colbie’s interview feeling inspired, enlightened, and energized to keep on fighting.