Colton Dixon Inspires Dallas Patients through New Song, “Miracles”

Written by Seacrest Studios Intern, Keia Black

Singer-songwriter, Colton Dixon, made a special visit to Seacrest Studios in Children’s Health in Dallas on March 5. Dixon serenaded patients, team members and Seacrest Studios as a whole with his stellar performances. But that wasn’t all that happened during his time at Children’s Health. Dixon knew he was going to be interviewed, but he had no idea how incredible his interviewee, Hunter, a Children’s Health patient, would be. Hunter and Dixon shared a vast amount of dialogue and laughter as they talked; fashion, dirt bikes and the beautiful story behind his Dixon’s newest single, “Miracles.” 

Dixon shared with Hunter, and the other studios guests, how life after American Idol was for him. As easy as it is to lose sight of what we love when things don’t go as planned, Dixon encouraged everyone at Children’s Health to enjoy the small miracles. It was refreshing to hear a bit of Dixon’s testimony from where he was, just a few years ago spiritually and musically, to where he is in life now. Soon after the encouragement he bestowed upon us, he gave an unforgettable performance. 

The beauty of it all was knowing one of Dixon’s biggest fans, Caleb, another Children’s Health patient, was also able to experience such a remarkable visit. A photograph, signed autograph and one-on-one time with Colton meant so much to Caleb and his mother. The two expressed their gratitude as Dixon and his team made an intentional interaction with Caleb that brought a smile to his face and happy tears to his mother’s. They talked about their “miracles,” laughed, prayed and shared funny childhood stories that recognized Caleb’s bravery. Without a shadow of a doubt, this was by far, an experience Caleb and all of the Children’s Health patients will never forget!