Conner Smith Brings Live Music to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Written by Seacrest Studios Intern, Caitlin Farmer 

Conner Smith, 21-year-old country singer, visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta - Egleston Hospital on Friday, April 8th. During Smith’s visit, he answered patient questions, played a game of “So You Think You Hate Alabama'' and performed multiple songs. 

Top of the request list, Smith played original song “I Hate Alabama,” which he said almost doubled in streams following the University of Georgia’s 33 to 18 National Championship win over the University of Alabama on Jan. 10th

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Smith discovered his passion for songwriting at the age of six. By nine years old he was signed to BMI as the second youngest musician signed to the label behind Michael Jackson. When reflecting on his years in the industry and those who have helped shape his career, Smith shared that country singers in Nashville are very encouraging and supportive of each other. 

 “Everybody wants you to succeed,” Smith said. “It’s a special thing.” 

Wrapping up the visit, Smith played a studio created game titled “So You Think You Hate Alabama” – inspired by his song. During the game, Smith shared that he hates Alabama more than Brussel sprouts, Mayonnaise and the song “Friday” by Rebecca Black. However, he admitted to hating the dentist, backseat drivers and finding hair in his food more than his dislike of Alabama. 

Thanks for joining us on-air, Conner!