Dallas Studio Visit Brings “Big Time Rush” of Excitement to Patients

Written by Seacrest Studios Intern, Ethan Moss 

“And he was acting like a turd,” laughed patient Anastasia — live in Seacrest Studios at Children's Health in Dallas, as she recapped some of her favorite moments from the Big Time Rush TV show. 

The guys from BTR brought a great energy to the studio during their visit to Dallas on August 3, 2022. Whether it was playing a thematic photo guessing game called “Zoom Out” or answering questions from nostalgic parents and intrigued patients, BTR members were happy to provide entertainment and get into the real and honest moments with families. 

Carlos took the question about hidden talents; checking off his ability to play the ukulele. When the team spontaneously handed him the instrument, Carlos asked everyone in the studio if they had heard the turd song. In no time at all the entire studio joined in on this legendary tune.

Thanks to Kendall, Logan, James and Carlos for making this visit so special — patients sure had a “Big Time Rush” of excitement during the visit!