Dancing with the Stars Live Tour Plays Dance Roulette with Dallas Patients!

The Dancing with the Stars live tour cast brought energy and joy to Seacrest Studios at Children’s Health in Dallas. With a packed room of beloved fans, the cast showed off their dance moves and brought many laughs with Dance Roulette.

Harry showed off “The Chicken Dance” along to “It’s Raining Tacos” while Brandon wow’ed the patient judges with his version of the Macarena to a fan favorite song from Zootopia!

Each dancer shared words of advice and encouragement, and Britt brought the patient judges to their feet with a score of 10 for her rumba to “Who Let the Dogs Out.” The day ended with a full-on dance party in Seacrest Studios, a meet and greet, and a TikTok tutorial led by Rylee and Harry. 

Thank you to the entire Dancing with the Stars live tour team for an all-around 10 out of 10 day!