Dara Torres Interviewed By Patients In Seacrest Studios

Patients at Boston Children's Hospital prepped their best questions for twelve-time Olympic medalist Dara Torres when she visited Seacrest Studios. One of the first questions Dara was asked was when she first swam in the Olympics. She told us that it was in 1984 in her hometown of Los Angeles (which made the experience extra special!) Since then, she has been to many Olympics Games and traveled all around the world...including Australia, which she explained is one of her favorite places she has ever visited (she showed us one of her medals from the Olympics in Australia!) Dara told us that her mom started her with swimming lessons when she was very young, and she joined her first team when she was 7 or 8 years old. She loved swimming (and being on the swim team) right away, and the rest is history. 

After talking about her favorite swimming strokes and adding that she didn't think the doggy paddle was a real swim stroke, she told everyone in studio about the time she raced a dog! Someone had bet her that their dog was a faster swimmer than her...and while she couldn't believe she was going to race a dog, her competitive nature took over and she said she would do it...and she won (of course!) Another patient asked Dara if she thinks Boston would be a good spot for the Olympic Games. Dara said that she thinks it would be an awesome place for the games...she would just have to learn how to navigate traffic there! When asked if she ever gets nervous before a meet, she gave everyone some good advice: "I am always nervous before a meet. I think that if you are not nervous you are not ready. It is normal to be nervous...it's just a matter of how you deal with it." Before Dara left the studio, she showed everyone her Olympic medals and took pictures with her patient interviewers. We loved having Dara at Seacrest Studios and hope she visits us again soon.