Dave Koz Creates Beautiful Music At Seacrest Studios!

During the holidays, Dave Koz, the extremely talented, grammy nominated jazz saxophonist, visited Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) and Seacrest Studios as a Starlight Global Ambassador. Dave was in Atlanta for his annual Dave Koz & Friends Christmas Tour and CHOA was one of 20 hospitals along Dav’s tour route receiving 3 Starlight tablets and a donation of toys that were on the hospital's holiday Wish List!

Dave has been touring the country since 1990 and tours with about 23 people as part of his show. He said that his favorite time to be on the road is at Christmas, because people are “very much in the holiday spirit, they are filled with love in their hearts and minds.” He takes 3 saxophones with him on the road (his Alto sax, tenor and soprano –which is the baby). When asked if he names his saxophones, he recalled the days of watching one of his favorite old TV shows, “My Three Sons” – so they are named, Chip, Ernie & Rob, after the show!

Dave first picked up the saxophone at age 13 (after starting on the piano first). His mom was a music nut and really encouraged him to embrace it himself. When he found the sax, it felt like a natural fit. He delighted the patients by taking song requests…and played “Frosty The Snowman” for patient, Ryan and “Rudoph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” for patient, Ayana. We are so happy he was able to spend the holidays with us and hope he comes back and shares his beautiful music with us again!