Dean Lewis Plays "Name That Song" At Seacrest Studios!

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It was a huge treat when singer-songwriter Dean Lewis visited patients and families in #SeacrestStudios at Children’s National
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Blog and video by Seacrest Studios staff

It was a huge treat when singer-songwriter Dean Lewis visited patients and families in Seacrest Studios at Children’s National. The Australian artist was preparing for his sold-out concert in Washington, D.C. but made sure to stop by and make our patients’ days brighter.

Our patient DJs were super excited and equipped to ask Dean the silliest of questions including whether he’d rather have his arms continue to grow or his feet. Without hesitation, Dean confidently replied that he would rather his feet continue to grow because he would want his hands to remain the same so he could still play the piano. When a patient DJ asked Dean whether he’d be an alien or a mermaid, Dean replied that he would rather meet an alien because he wouldn’t want to change himself! What an awesome answer! Dean also said that if he could meet an alien, he would take him or her out for coffee so that it’s casual and not uncomfortable for the extraterrestrial. So sweet!

Dean amazed our patients when he shared that his first job was as a newspaper carrier when he was a young lad. He also complimented one of our patient DJ’s Mohawk and said that he is growing out his hair because it has always been super short throughout his life. We also learned that Dean has a huge heart for animals! Dean shared that he loves his dog Billy and that he was also incredibly nervous when he performed on the Ellen show!

A rumble of laughter could be heard coming from the studio when DJ Dean joined the patient DJs to play a hilarious game of “Name That Sound.” With the help from the patient DJs, Dean was tasked with the tricky job to identify different silly and unique sounds. Dean and the patient DJs correctly guessed lightsabers, dolphins, and squirrels.

The inspiring visit ended when Dean performed not one…but TWO of his hit songs! Dean brought his keyboard and performed acoustic renditions of his hit singles, “Be Alright” and “Waves.” Everyone was singing along and swaying back and forth during his incredible performance. Dean had all of patient DJs, families and staff feelin’ all the feels!

Dean then surprised two of our patients up in their rooms! He chitchatted with the patients about all things Pokémon, Star Wars, drinking coffee and kitty cats! Thank you, Dean, for swinging by Seacrest Studios at Children’s National! We can’t wait for your upcoming album release and we’ll continue to cheer you on as you finish up your tour! We can’t wait until your next visit! Way to go, Dean!