Demi Lovato Inspires Patients At Seacrest Studios!

Patients at Levine Children’s Hospital were so excited to meet Demi Lovato, who stopped by Seacrest Studios during her Neon Lights concert tour. A packed studio full of young patient fans could hardly be contained as the beautiful singer/songwriter/actress sat down to talk about her life, career, and music.

Speaking to an audience that spanned all ages, Demi talked to patients about carrying on when they have bad days. She shared things about show business, how to spruce up a hospital gown, and her hair color for her Neon Lights tour. Patients lovingly asked questions about what Demi would be doing if she weren’t singing and what her favorite career moments had been so far.

It was particularly poignant moment when Demi offered words of encouragement from her own experiences in life. She referred to her book, Staying Strong, as a source for inspiration when the going gets tough.

Even though her schedule was tight, and she was due for sound check, Demi lingered long enough to speak to every patient who had waited to meet her. She took pictures, signed autographs, and even wished one patient a happy sweet 16th.

Thank you, Demi! Your light – both personal AND neon – shines bright!