Dierks Bentley Receives First Star on Vanderbilt Children's "Walk Of Champions"

Seacrest Studios at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt recently welcomed country super star, Dierks Bentley, after he was honored with the first star on the hospital’s brand new Walk of Champions.The multi-platinum artist has raised approximately $4 million for the hospital through his Miles & Music for Kids motorcycle ride and benefit concert, helping to fund the current four floor expansion and increasing the hospital to nearly 400 inpatient beds.

 He was welcomed into the studio with open arms, pressing patient questions, and friendly faces after receiving this great honor. 

Accompanying him on this special visit was his youngest daughter, Jordan, who helped answer questions about their favorite foods, emojis, and her dad’s most awkward moments. Fans learned about the country singers second biggest passion, flying, and Jordan even piped in that if she could go anywhere in that moment she would jet off to Paris, “not Texas”, Bentley jokingly clarified.

On harder days Bentley recommended turning to music. When facing smaller struggles in his own life, patients learned the artist tries to “take things day by day, be as present in the moment as [he] can and move forward from there.” 

After referencing his country anthem, Riser, Bentley shared it is one of the most meaningful songs he has been a part of to date. The musician loves hearing of its impact and seeing how it brings communities together while reminding him to count his own blessings. 

Dierks, you are a blessing to us, and each and every patient you have helped through your generosity. Thank you so much for visiting multiple studios, we cannot wait to have you back again!