DJ Pauly D Stops By Seacrest Studios To Talk About Music, Pizza and Hair!

Recap by Erica DePascale

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia welcomed ‘Jersey Shore’ star DJ Pauly D on Friday, August 16th to Seacrest Studios. Patients and guests hung out with Pauly D, asking him fun questions about his exciting life on the road while getting a chance to snag some autographs and pictures (with him) too!

Pauly D, who is currently on a six week tour with Jesse McCartney and The Backstreet Boys, admits he loves traveling all over the country, mostly so he can try new foods!

“The best part about traveling the world is tasting the pizza in town,” Pauly said. His favorite place to grab a cheesy slice? “Chicago has great pizza!”

Although he confesses to not being the best chef around, Pauly’s refrigerator at home is still super organized. “The labels are all turned forward perfectly, It’s like a commercial!”

Besides his love for food, patients were curious to know about Pauly D’s famous spiky hairstyle. “It’s a process, it really is!,” Pauly said, explaining he uses his own special gel and blow drying technique that takes 25 minutes. He also told patients that one final coat of hairspray at the end will do the trick!

So how does DJ Pauly D keep his hair looking good all day long? For one thing, he keeps his headphones upside-down on his ears, showing some of our patient DJ’s how to hold them in place and use a shoulder to keep them on! He even kept his upside-down for his entire visit to the studio!

While he shared lots of his awesome DJ tips, Pauly D also told guests about how he started his successful career.

 "My first DJ gig that I did, ever, was a sweet 16. I was nervous!” Pauly confessed. But after making a name for himself as the ‘Birthday DJ’ in his hometown in Rhode Island, word got out about his great style and catchy mixes! Besides his passion for being a DJ, patients asked questions about his experience on the popular television show ‘Jersey Shore’. “It was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life,” Pauly said, telling the studio about his first experience on television. He also talked about the craziness of having cameras and microphones around him every day! “You don’t have time to do anything!” He did, however, have time to ride lots of rides at the Jersey Shore boardwalks while filming the show.

Pauly told patients about his love for thrill rides, including roller coasters and a spinning ball ride that shoots you high up in the air. “My hair doesn’t even move on that ride!” Pauly said.

Pauly finished up his awesome visit with a few fun questions. His celebrity crush? “Nicki Minaj, she’s dope!” Pauly said. He also told patients that he would love to play a superhero like Superman or Iron Man in a movie. “My outfit would have to be like Batman, something black and gold, and I want to be able to fly instead of taking planes!” Pauly said. What’s next for Pauly D? A few awesome collaborations with popular artists. Pauly even told patients he would love to work with artists like Rihanna and Drake.

\We wish DJ Pauly D good luck on his tour and look forward to hearing some of his new music this fall. Many thanks for stopping by Seacrest Studios at CHOP!