DJ "Rae of Sunshine", Addison Rae, Dances With Patients Nationwide

Even as ice and snow blankets most of the country, the sun shined through our TV screens while patients talked with TikTok sensation and social media influencer Addison Rae. Fans from Children’s National Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, Monroe Carell Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia all tuned in for the special call. 

DJ Marquee couldn’t have said it better when he gave the TikTok star the name, DJ “Rae” Of Sunshine, in honor of her name and being a bright light for so many during the pandemic! 

Patients in D.C. started off by asking the TikTok star how she got started on the app and what her advice was for future content creators like themselves. Addison encouraged the patient DJs to be unique, show their own personality and to stay consistent. Addison told DJ Marquee that she’s inspired by others who remain strong during difficult moments and those who stand strong in their own beliefs. 

Addison then met Daria and Sarah who called in from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She received a special message from DJ Hailey who admires how fast Addison gained a following and expressed her appreciation of her posts. When asked about what she misses most about her hometown in Louisiana, Addison said that she misses spicy southern food like crawfish and gumbo!  Even though she now lives in Los Angeles, Addison says she still loves to say “Y ’all.”

Moving up the East Coast, Addison met patient DJ Carley in Boston! Addison surprised her fan by sharing that she will name one of her upcoming dances after her! Watch out world, “The Carley” will be trending soon.  

The great news just kept on coming when Addison met DJ Dayshawn in Nashville. Dayshawn celebrated with Addison, sharing that he was undergoing his last week of chemotherapy! “That makes me so happy! You are so strong. I look up to that,” Addison told him. 

There was no better way to wrap up our time with Addison Rae then to create our very own Seacrest Studios TikTok with her. Patients jumped back on screen to participate. 

Addison, you truly were a ray of sunshine in our day. We can’t wait to see “The Carley” and what’s next in your career!