DNCE Returns To Seacrest Studios Atlanta For A Second Visit

Patients were very excited to welcome DNCE  to Seacrest Studios at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for their second visit. Our interns chatted with the band about what they’ve been up to since their last visit and Joe, Jinjoo, Cole and Jack told everyone that Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is always the highlight of their day. Since we last saw them, DNCE performed in Grease Live! in January, released a new single and music video, and appeared at numerous award shows.  They’re currently touring with Selena Gomez on her US Revival Tour until July 8. 

The band discussed their favorite parts of touring and how ecstatic they were when their huge hit Cake By The Ocean went double platinum recently.  Jinjoo and Joe shared their love of SnapChat filters and Cole said Fantasia is his most favorite Disney movie. When asked if he “could eavesdrop on a conversation between any two people, who would it be?” Joe responded, “the Ninja Turtles.” That was followed by one very young patient giving Joe his own Ninja Turtle figure. Joe promptly put it in his pocket! Some patients asked about the origin of the band name, and Cole shared that it was actually a typo that turned into a huge success.  DNCE even wished a Happy Birthday to one lucky patient...talk about a great birthday present! After the interview, the group signed posters for the patients and took photos with everyone. We love when DNCE visits us and we can’t wait for them to stop by again.