Dustin Lynch Sings 'Where It’s At' For Patients At Seacrest Studios

Video Recap By: Chris Coleman, with additional footage from Emily Provenza

Pictures Taken By: Lizzie Costello and Chris Coleman

Blog By: Lizzie Costello and Chris Coleman

Country music star Dustin Lynch stopped by the Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado over the weekend.

Dustin's fans gathered in the studio and lined the window outside as he talked about his tour, his song-writing process, and what inspires him. He said he wrote the song “Cowboys and Angels” in honor of his grandparents who have been married for 59 years.

The Tullahoma, TN native, clad in cowboy hat and boots, played acoustic versions of two of his hits, “Cowboys and Angels” and “Where It’s At,” teasers to his show later that night at Grizzly Rose, one of Colorado’s top country music venues.

Patients also had the opportunity to ask Dustin some questions. One young man asked him which chore would he dislike the most if he lived on a farm. Dustin answered that he did, in fact, grow up on a farm, and hated rounding up the cattle “because one always thought he could hurt you,” and “breaking ice in the water trough…you don’t want to do that before breakfast!” Another patient asked what Sesame Street character he would be. “Cookie Monster,” Dustin smiled. “Because I love cookies!” His favorite cookie? “Snickerdoodles!” Near the end of the broadcast, Dustin learned that it was the birthday of one of his biggest fans who was in the hospital, but could not leave her room. He subsequently led the studio in a sing-along of “Happy Birthday.”

Rounding out the visit, he signed autographs, took photos with patients, and even filmed video messages to patients who couldn't make it down to the studio. It was all smiles in the Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado with Dustin Lynch and we hope he makes it back again!