Ed Sheeran Makes Seacrest Studios Visit Extra Special For Patients

Recap written by: Seacrest Studio Intern, Maurie Mickey
Photos taken by: Seacrest Studio Intern, Katie Sorden
Video by: Chris Coleman with additional footage by Seacrest Studios Interns, Chelsea Ruybal and Micah Bridges
Additional production by: Cody Hudson and Seacrest Studio Intern, Molly Casey

Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado had a very special visit from singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran during his 2015 tour for his album X. Ed Sheeran played two sold-out shows at Red Rocks that week, and said he enjoyed playing at the iconic venue because it was so beautiful and unlike any other concert venue in the world. However, the altitude in Colorado is still something he has to get used to performing in…he said he ran out of breath halfway through his first show at Red Rocks! 

The patients of the hospital kicked off his interview right away, and Grace asked him what his favorite ice cream flavor was. Ed answered chocolate and added that he likes chewy ice cream and likes to bite into something crunchy. He also is a big fan of an English novelty which is whipped ice cream in a can. Grace let him down easy saying that America unfortunately does not have ice cream in a can. Josie asked Ed if he did not have any bones what he would do. Ed reckoned that sky diving would be pretty cool, even though he is scared of heights.

Ed showed a different side to him when asked, “are you into metal?” he admitted that his first album he bought when he was younger was Slipknot and he enjoys listening to the heavier genre. When given a goofy “would you rather” question, he revealed that he would rather have hot sauce tooth paste over salami underwear, and contrary to popular belief his hair is actually naturally red.
He was also asked what the significance of his album title was, and he explained, “I called my first album + (plus) which was quite weird to do, it’s just the plus sign. But I released five EP’s before I signed a record deal and then + was the addition on to that. And this one is called X (multiply) because it was meant to make everything bigger than + did. Like multiply the audience, multiply the sales, multiply the production. It was just meant to be a bigger album.”

When Caroline asked Ed what he would want to see in super slow-motion, the interview soon took a detour to watch Ed shake his head in super slow motion. Ed said, “That’s the first time I have ever done that and seen myself in super slow motion.” We found out Ed is on a plane almost every day and has only spent two weeks in the house he has had for four years. He enjoys being on a plane however, because “It’s the only time no one can get a hold of you, you are not constantly on your phone or on the internet, or Facebook, replying to emails, you are just zen.”

The studio inside and out was filled with handmade signs for Ed Sheeran, and he immediately asked if he could keep them. After Olivia asked what his favorite tattoo was, the studio found out he likes them all because they are conversation starters, although he does have a special place for his Ketchup bottle tattoo (which reminds him of his first sold-out solo show) and his tattoo he got for his mom, because he’s “cute like that.”

Many thanks to Ed for making such a fun and memorable visit!