Ed Sheeran 'Multiplies' Happiness at Seacrest Studios!

Friend to Seacrest Studios, Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, Ed Sheeran, stopped by our studio in Charlotte, North Carolina! Having come straight from the airport, Ed made Seacrest Studios his first stop in the Queen City – even before seeing the venue he was to perform at that night! Patients were ecstatic to welcome the British singer to Levine Children’s Hospital! Ed sat down and immediately started talking to our patients, and answering their questions.

He was very candid with our audience, telling them, “You can ask whatever you want! It doesn’t have to be musical – it can even be a very awkward question that will make everyone feel uncomfortable.” Patients loved that about him!

He told us all about meeting the Queen of England and the protocol that goes along with that! Ed talked about performing (he just released his second studio album, X, [pronounced as Multiply], in June) and about how he decides what to wear on stage. Patients laughed when Ed told them about wanting to get light-up shoes to wear during a concert performance. He even told us about his cat, his love for animals, and how he gets pictured with so many baby animals. “I like animals, some of them happen to be babies. And the ones that get the most likes on Instagram are usually the small ones.” Surprisingly, Ed’s phone does not go off every time someone likes one of his pictures on Instagram – we asked! Ed answered questions from patients about his hit song, “The A Team,” and about what inspired him to become a singer. The audience at Levine Children’s Hospital got a special performance of “The A Team” after a patient requested Ed sing it. We appreciate Ed taking time out of his tight tour schedule to visit with our patients – his adoring fans. He “multiplied” smiles at Seacrest Studios!