Ed Sheeran performs “Kiss Me” live at Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia!

After a stop at Jim’s on South Street for a Cheese Steak (with lots of toppings,) Ed Sheeran visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for an in studio interview and live performance!

The first thing Ed spoke about was being a songwriter. As a songwriter (and singer) Ed is constantly coming up with new music. He gets inspiration mostly from his own life experiences and the experiences of those closest to him. Right now his favorite song that he has written is “Give Me Love.” He explained that some of his music he writes doesn’t feel right for him to sing, so he approaches different songwriters that he feels would be a good fit for the song. When on tour, Ed likes his show to constantly feel new and fresh. He makes sure all the songs he is performing are the ones that mean a lot to him, so he does not get sick of singing them so much!

He told the patients he has been playing the guitar since he was 11 years old and plays music so much, he goes through a guitar about every four months! He loves all of his instruments, but tends to play aggressively, so they get banged up a lot. He also played the cello for 10 years. Some of the questions the patients asked:

Gabby: What were you like growing up? Ed: I was very relaxed. I really applied myself to my music and I am really happy that worked out for me!

Sam: What is the craziest thing you have received from a fan? Ed: The coolest thing I have ever received was a hand-knitted doll. The weirdest thing that I have received was a cake with a giant clump of hair in the middle.  often get a lot of penguin gifts because I love penguins (especially from the movie Madagascar).

When asked what his favorite places he has played at were, he said that he loved playing at Madison Square Garden and the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

In his down time, he likes to watch TV shows on DVD. He just recently finished the complete series of The Simpsons (it took him 3 weeks.) He said that he loves a UK show called The Inbetweeners which has a lot of British humor in it. Some of his favorite US shows are Homeland, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. It was an exciting day at Seacrest Studios and we hope Ed stops by again next time he is in Philly!