Ed Sheeran Surprises Patients at Boston Children's Hospital

Last week, Seacrest Studios at Boston Children’s Hospital welcomed global superstar, Ed Sheeran, before his performance at the Boston Calling Music Festival. This was Ed’s third visit to the Boston studio and his 8th visit with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Patients in the studio, on Zoom from their rooms and in the hallways all had the chance to ask Ed questions, ranging from his songwriting process to his favorite kind of smoothie. He noted that his first performance was when he was 11 years old for a school fundraiser, sharing that he was nervous at first but by taking a risk and putting himself out there he inspired all the young artists listening to follow their dreams. Ed also talked about his hometown soccer team and answered a studio favorite question: Is a hot dog a sandwich? Breaking news, we now know Ed does not believe a hot dog is a sandwich. As he so eloquently put it, “A hot dog is a hot dog, and a burger is a burger. Not a sandwich.”

A patient in attendance then asked Ed, “What is your favorite song that you have written?” To which he replied he is extremely proud of “Perfect” – the song he later performed for the hospital. Once he finished, he offered to sing another song and graciously asked if anyone had a request. Seacrest Studios VIP Sam, aka Squidman, requested “Castle on a Hill.” Others chimed in saying it was also their favorite song. Ed immediately started the tune, and everyone was entranced during the very special intimate performance with just Ed and his guitar.

After the performances, Ed spent time meeting each family in the studio. He was even given some gifts from patients including cards, signs, bracelets, and Girl Scout cookies (which he was thrilled about by the way). It was truly a “Perfect” day!

From everyone at RSF and Boston Children’s Hospital, thank you Ed for making this an extra special day for everyone!