Ed Sheeran Visited Boston Children's Hopsital, and it was Perfect

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran took time out of his busy tour schedule recently to drop by Seacrest Studios at Boston Children's Hospital to visit with patients and families before his second show at Gillette Stadium. He answered some amazing questions from patients who wanted to know more about his pets, his favorite movies, and about whether or not he’s actually Ron Weasley and is only pretending to be Ed Sheeran. 

Ed was also happy to finally solve the mystery as to whether or not his glasses are real or just a fashion statement. They are indeed real, Ed told us, saying, “I actually have really, really bad eyesight. I literally can’t see or read without them!” He then asked one of the patients if she wanted to try them on to prove it! 

Ed brought his guitar along for the visit and the crowd eagerly agreed when asked if it was cool if he played his hit song “Perfect” for the crowd in the studio and the viewers up in their rooms. Many people in the audience were seen shedding tears while watching Ed perform, as his song was so beautiful to hear in person. 

An incredible time was had by all and we can’t thank Ed enough for hanging out with us. His visit to Seacrest Studios was definitely “Perfect!”