Elevating the Seacrest Studios Experience with CASTUS: Seamless Programming 24/7!

Every day our studio teams utilize CASTUS, a flexible software scheduling system and video playout server that enables plug-and-play content streaming 24/7 on the Seacrest Studios closed-circuit network. This innovative platform allows hospital teams to program engaging content secured by the Ryan Seacrest Foundation for patients and families during off hours.

In 2023, RSF received nearly 500 video files totaling 70+ hours of donated content for patients. Each week, video files are added to our shared Seacrest Studios content library, which holds a wide variety of short and long form video files appropriate for all ages. Some content themes include:

  • Animal interactions
  • Behind-the-scenes tours
  • Virtual field trips
  • Mindfulness sessions
  • Interactive games
  • Music videos and live performances
  • Captivating stories
  • Soothing sleep affirmations
  • Movement for all accessibilities

Without CASTUS, our Seacrest Studios teams could not efficiently schedule and air content on holidays, weekends or overnight.

We are also grateful for the following partners, who donate new and exciting programming on a recurring basis every year: