Eli Young Band Visits Seacrest Studios at Levine Children's Hospital

Blog Post by Amanda Cella and Jessica Norwood Video by Nichole Mondshein  

Levine Children’s Hospital was thrilled to welcome the Eli Young Band for their first Seacrest Studios visit. 

The Eli Young Band stopped by before performing a show at Coyote Joes later that evening. The four band mates answered questions, participated in a pumpkin decorating contest, took pictures and signed autographs for our patients. After more than 15 years of being in the band together there were certainly a lot of questions to be asked and stories to be told! We learned that James has been left in a gas station on tour by accident and they now make sure they always have their phones with them when stopping at a rest stop. We also learned that Mike has walked off the front of the stage before and both Chris and Jon have tripped while on stage. 

One of our favorite questions to ask our guests is about their favorite Disney character. We leaned that Mike likes Wreck-It-Ralph, Jon likes Lightning McQueen and both James and Chris like Goofy. We also found out that pizza is definitely the favorite among all four members. Our patients and Seacrest Studios staff were also curious to learn how Chris keeps his hair looking so nice. Chris informed us that he does not do much to his hair. His secret is that he sticks with the same hair dresser and occasionally uses a blow dryer. The band mates also gave our patients great advice. Mike told our patients that it is never too late to start something and that he was only 16 or 17 years old when he started learning how to play the guitar. 

They also advised our patients to never give up, that sometimes you have to write 100 songs before you get one good song. We welcomed the new fall season by hosting a pumpkin decorating contest where each band member was equipped with a sharpie and a paper pumpkin and was instructed to decorate it in their own unique way. The contest was judged by a very special patient named Cassidy. Cassidy took her time reflecting on each pumpkin before choosing Mike’s pumpkin as the winner.

 After our contest we played an exciting round of “Would You Rather,” where each band member was given two options and had to chose which of the two they would rather. The visit concluded with the Eli Young Band taking the time to interact with each patient as well as take pictures and sign autographs. They also were kind enough to give some of our patients Eli Young Band guitar picks! We had an absolute blast with the Eli Young Band and can’t thank them enough for brightening our patients’ day!