Elmo And Grover Dance With Patients At Seacrest Studios

Video Recap by Seacrest Studios Intern Soni Lazor

Recap Written by Seacrest Studios Intern Emily Biehl

Elmo and Grover made a it a bright and sunny day with a visit to Seacrest Studios at CHOC Children’s. Our friends from Sesame Street Live arrived ready to dance, play and take photos with patients whose excitement about the characters visit was radiating through their smiling faces.

Elmo and Grover began their time with a dance routine that they performed for the patients to their theme song, “Sunny Days” with smiles spreading all around the room. The patients were then invited by Elmo and Grover to do a little dance and play around the room with them, doing things like shaking their legs, jumping in circles, and playing head, shoulders, knees and toes. After playtime and dancing all of the patients were able to take photos with Elmo and Grover. The characters sat with them, gave them knuckles and high fives, and they even let them stroke their famous fuzzy tummies and arms! Elmo and Grover then spread the fun all around the hospital by visiting patients on the other floors and wings of the tower.

Thank you Elmo, Grover and Sesame Street Live for your visit to Seacrest Studios! We hope you come back and dance with us soon!