Emblem3 Hangs Out At Seacrest Studios And Talks About Music...And Superheroes!

Written by Jaycee Gruszecki

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was very excited to welcome Emblem3 to Seacrest Studios! Band members Wes, Keaton, and Drew sat down in the studio to talk about their music and their experiences on The X Factor. The group spoke candidly as patients and guests asked them questions and then they stuck around to sign autographs and take pictures.

They started off by talking about what we all wanted to know - The X Factor. Listeners were surprised to learn that Emblem3 had never considered auditioning. They were actually invited to audition based on their videos on YouTube. At the audition, they sang an original song, Sunset Blvd. “We wanted to represent us,” Keaton explained. When asked how how they calmed their nerves before performing on the show, they explained that they spent some time skating in the parking lot!

Listeners found out that brothers Wes and Keaton grew up in a music household with their harpist mother and composer father. Keaton even learned a little harp - and we’re hoping to hear it in their future songs! The boys started their band when Wes and Drew were in 5th grade. The patients were excited to find out that their talents even exceed singing. In fact, all three members play guitar, bass, and the drums, and Drew “also shreds the Native American flute... We have our own individual strengths and we’re all best friends. It’s a good team.”

They write all of their music collaboratively, and while some songs take 20 minutes to write, others can even take a year. But they agreed that the best songs are the ones that just pour out. Drew explained, “You’re not even thinking. It just comes out and sounds how it’s supposed to sound.”

They didn’t just talk about music, though. They were happy to share that they love Batman, Spiderman, and Superman - and all of the movies. Drew is also a huge Captain Underpants fan. Most importantly, they encouraged all listeners that hard work, dedication, discipline, and believing will help them achieve their goals. Many thanks to Wes, Keaton, and Drew for a great visit! We’re so excited to hear your new single, Chloe, when it releases mid-April!