Emblem3 Performs 3 Of Their Hits For Patients In Seacrest Studios Atlanta

Emblem3 felt the love from patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta when they performed an acoustic set of “End o Of The Summer”, “Chloe”, and “XO” in Seacrest Studios. 

The band asked patients for their song requests from their latest EP and then sang snippets from each one. The fun-loving guys with a knack for freestyling were put to the test to create a couple of verses using random words drawn out of a hat. They didn’t disappoint!  Using “Kanye”, “guacamole”, “flip flop” and “cheese,” Emblem3 whipped up a rap fans couldn’t believe!And in the Q&A, patients may or may not have learned who inspired their hit song “Chloe” and if a Kardashian Christmas party had anything to do with it! Hmmm. We’ll leave you to wonder! Thank you Emblem3 for an amazing visit to Seacrest Studios Atlanta. Until next time!