Emily in Paris Star, Lily Collins, Talks with Philadelphia Patients

Written by Seacrest Studios intern, Hallie Jacobs

It might not be Paris, but the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was the perfect place for a virtual meet-and-greet with Emily in Paris star, Lily Collins. Our hosts, DJ Matty P and DJ Queenie guided the interview between the actress and our fellow patients. Lily quickly bonded with all the patients and another little fashionista at the hospital, DJ Lily! The two Lily’s talked about animals, colors, and all things hair, with Collins complimenting the beautiful bow Lily Jane picked out. 

Next up, Lily jumped into her amazing movie career with DJ Jen and DJ Reagan. She reminisced about the production team on the movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, her first movie role in The Blind Side, and her favorite movie role as Snow White in Mirror Mirror. Then, we took a quick “flight” down to Atlanta where Lily considered DJ Joe’s question about following in her dad’s musical footsteps saying, “never say never.”

Back in Philadelphia, Lily had the hard decision of choosing her favorite, the opera dress, and least favorite outfits from Emily in Paris, her paintball outfit. The interview ended with Lily inspiring everyone watching with her best career advice: “don’t take ‘no’ as in ‘no this isn’t for you,’ take it as ‘no, not right now.” The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Seacrest Studios is extremely thankful for Lily Collins brightening up our patient's day!