Eric Paslay Performs At Seacrest Studios in Colorado

Written Recap by: Maurie Mickey

Eric Paslay made his second visit to Seacrest Studios, this time visiting patients at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Eric made time (during his 2015 tour) to stop in and visit before he played at the Grizzly Rose in Denver later that night. His visit was highly anticipated—kids waited at the microphones eager to ask him the questions they had prepared. With a warm welcome, Eric entered the studio with his guitar in hand. 

Eric recalled his past achievements saying, “This is wild. You start dreaming a dream and then you start playing music and then I get to hang out with y’all today and get to play music tonight. It’s pretty cool.” Ethan, who was dressed as a cowboy from head to toe, kicked off the interview by asking the Texas-born singer if he had ever ridden a bull. The studio was surprised to discover that he had yet to do so. Paslay also let the studio know that he has juvenile diabetes and that he wasn’t too picky when it came to food, as long as his blood sugar stayed right. 
He grew up with toy guitars, keytars and drums, saying it’d be “pretty cool if those came to life” after being asked by Alex which toy he would want to bring to life in a movie. The questions continued when another patient asked Eric if he had to describe his personality in a sound, what it would be, and without hesitation, Eric replied, “It’d be a river. Sometimes it’s really quiet and calm and sometimes it’s loud.” 

Following the children’s questions, we introduced the Lightning Round, giving little time for Eric to ponder his answers. He prefers dogs over cats, would explore the ocean over space and believes that fishing should be an Olympic sport. The studio audience burst into laughter when he said his secret talent is “playing the keytar.” 
After getting to know Eric, he sang his hit song “Friday Night” which had the whole studio singing along. It wouldn’t quite be a Children’s Hospital Colorado visit without playing our favorite game, Backwards Forwards. Eric was challenged to say his full name forwards, hear how it sounded being said backwards and then try to copy it. Eric was up for the challenge and was almost spot on with his interpretation. 

Before Eric Paslay got ready to sign autographs for the family and friends in the studio, and also watching from their rooms, he ended his interview with a piece of advice for everyone, “Do what you love. We live in a country that we have lots of ways to dream, but regardless of what people think you are capable of doing, if it’s a normal job or not, don’t do it for money. The richest person in the world still wants more and the person with the biggest house is still adding on. Do what you love.” From the Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital Colorado, thank you Eric Paslay for spending the day with us!