Fall Out Boy Plays Games With Patients In Seacrest Studios

Recap By: Kelsey Washburn, Seacrest Studios Intern

Fall Out Boy stopped by Seacrest Studios at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to hang out with patients, play a few fun games and sign lots of autographs. They had a blast playing Fall In or Fall Out, a game that let the guys give us their opinion (a thumbs up or thumbs down) on different topics. However, there was a bit of a standoff between Pete and the rest of the band on whether or not Snapchat was in the fall in or fall out. Pete uses it with pride. We also played “What’s Behind Me,” a Seacrest Studios favorite. Patrick, the lead singer, sat in front of a green screen while his band mates, patients in their rooms, and the in-studio audience gave him hints to identify the pictures behind him. The crowd was amused by how many Beyoncé songs Pete was able to rattle off as clues.

All of our patients had lots of questions for the “Centuries” singers. One popular answer came from Pete Wentz when asked about what he would be doing if he wasn’t playing for Fall Out Boy. His response was, probably selling nacho cheese at his local baseball stadium since that’s the only other job he’s had. When asked about the craziest moment the band has had together, they decided it had to be playing at President Obama’s 2009 Youth Ball. They even mentioned playing with Elton John and how nervous they were to give him direction on their new track “Save Rock and Roll.” To wrap up the visit they took pictures and signed autographs. One patient even got her phone signed! It was a great visit and our patients and families really enjoyed spending time with Patrick, Pete, Andy and Joe of Fall Out Boy.