Fantasy Football Analyst, Matthew Berry, Visits Cincinnati!

Seacrest Studios at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital was officially on the clock on Friday, November 4th, as fantasy football analyst Matthew Berry visited virtually to the Seacrest Studios! Patients in Cincinnati, Nashville, and Orange County asked Matthew the hard-hitting questions on how they could improve their fantasy football team.  

Jevon, a patient at Cincinnati Children’s ran through his roster with Matthew, going over who he should start or sit in the upcoming games and who he should pick up off the waiver wire.  Berry shared his opinion on what fantasy success comes from, talent and opportunity. 

Berry shared his number one piece of advice for kids of all ages who are interested in the sports industry, to put yourself in front of a microphone or camera and “just talk”.  We mentioned the importance of the Seacrest Studio and how patients can use it to become more comfortable in front of a microphone or on camera!