Fifth Harmony Inspires Patients at Seacrest Studios!

Written by CHOP crew member Erica Hochman

It was a delightful whirlwind of energy, enthusiasm, and giggles when Fifth Harmony visited the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The girl group, which was formed on the second season of The X-Factor, was asked questions in studio about The X-Factor judges, their favorite TV shows, and favorite Twilight character. We found out that the girls might not agree on everything, but their shared passion for singing and performing and utmost positive attitude in overcoming challenges has made them, as they sing in their song, “better together.”

It’s clear just how well band members, Lauren (age 17), Camila (age 16), Dinah (age 16), Ally (age 20), and Normani (age 17) get along. Each took a turn describing one another, and we learned a bit about their unique personalities and how they fit into the group as individuals. Normani was said to be “glam” and a goofball, similar to Dinah who was described as being “fab…funny…and outgoing.” Ally consistently radiates positivity and is the “sunshine” of the group, and Camila, a “cupcake” always with a bow in her hair, likes to joke around and is dependable. Lastly, they can rely on Lauren for giving good advice, saying she is smart and intellectual.

When asked about how they got along upon joining Fifth Harmony and blending these distinct personalities, the girls noted how easy and smooth the transition was. They naturally gravitated toward each other and became friends before the formation of the group. Though the singers did mention how difficult it was initially defining their harmonies and sound. Another challenge they had to overcome was learning to stay confident (and remain positive) when hearing harsh criticism. The girls emphasized the importance of believing in yourself and never letting anyone tell you that you can’t accomplish your goals.

Four out of the five 5H-ers, said they’d rather be cast on the TV show Glee than The Office, and when asked “Team Edward or Team Jacob,” all except Normani said they were with Edward! The ladies also had a fairly universal love for Scary Spice from the Spice Girls! In their discussion about The X-Factor judges, they explained that despite Simon Cowell’s honesty, which can be brutal at times, he is actually quite a sweet guy and he’s always serving up scones.

Before their departure, the stars offered some inspiration and advice. They said to always stay true to yourself and that if you have a dream, to go for it. As Camila said, “You’re full of infinite possibilities. If someone doesn’t believe in you, it’s all the more reason to prove to yourself that you can make your dreams a reality."

Thank you, Fifth Harmony. for sharing the love with us at CHOP and good luck with the rest of your headlining tour!