Fifth Harmony Makes Their Third Visit To Seacrest Studios!

Video created by: Chris Coleman (with additional footage from Emily Provenza)

Recap written by: Lizzie Costell and Chris Coleman

Pictures taken by: Lizzie Costello and Chris Coleman

Fifth Harmony stopped by Children’s Hospital Colorado to visit with kids at Seacrest Studios. When they arrived, they hugged and introduced themselves to the eager kids before they even took their seats at the microphones! One teenage patient burst into tears of joy upon meeting them. Once settled, Dinah, Ally, Normani, Lauren, and Camila delighted the young patients with their high energy interview answers. Especially dazzled was Evan, a boy who had many questions for the girls, including how they got their start as a group.

They said that they formed the group while they competed on the X Factor. When a patient asked how the group adopted the name “Fifth Harmony,” they explained that after considering many names – including the LYLAS and 1432 – they left it up to viewers, who voted for their current name. Fifth Harmony sang an a cappella version of their hit song, “Boss” and answered questions like “If you could hang out with any celebrity for a day, who would it be?” Evan once again took the spotlight when Camila, talking about which athlete she’d want to receive a lesson from, exclaimed, “Evan!” Needless to say, Evan LOVED that answer!

Studio manager Chris Coleman wrapped up the interview with what is becoming a Colordao Seacrest Studio staple: Backwards Forwards. The studio erupted in laughter when Normani tried to imitate the backwards version of the line, “Fifth Harmony is awesome!” (which came out something like “whaa sop zip eener rah hit”…not as easy it as seems!) Keep on harmonizing, ladies, and thanks for bringing us tons of kindness, great energy, and huge smiles!