Flo Rida Makes His Second Visit To Seacrest Studios In Philadelphia

 Recap by Jade Franks, Intern at Seacrest Studios

Flo Rida returned to the Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP,) for a second time to hang out with the patients (who he referred to as his family.) Flo Rida answered guest questions, signed autographs, and told his CHOP family all about his love of sunglasses. 

When asked why he was wearing sunglasses inside, the rapper explained that he knew he would be meeting a lot of cool people at CHOP. “I wanted to be the coolest person in the building”, he said. Flo Rida even gave fans a little insight on his family dynamic. When asked if he had any siblings, Flo Rida answered, "Yes, I have seven older sisters who have always been flo-verprotective of me." He also named his mother as his biggest inspiration because she always reminded him to “focus on the positive.” Flo Rida told fans that he is a big fan of Taylor Swift and hopes to collaborate with her or Beyonce on day. Although the collaboration is on his mind, he is currently working on the release of his new workout video, Flo Fit. Studio guests even got to see an exclusive demonstration of Flo Rida's favorite move from Flo Fit

Flo Rida didn’t just talk about his sunglasses and new releases...he also gave patients some quality advice. He told patients to always have faith in themselves. He explained how he was turned down by many record labels, but he remained determined. Flo Rida ended his visit by telling patients to, “believe in yourself when no one else does.” A huge thank you to Flo Rida for another great visit to Seacrest Studios!