Flo Rida "Shows Love" To Seacrest Studios

Written by Seacrest Studios intern, Erin McInerney

Flo Rida packed the house at Seacrest Studios when he stopped by for a visit at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Taking a break from rehearsals for his performance at the Jingle Ball, Flo Rida answered a wide variety of questions from excited patients, and ended his appearance by meeting with and signing autographs for all in attendance!

Sporting a Santa hat and his signature sunglasses, Flo Rida enlightened the audience about what got him into music. His passion started at fourteen years old when he would listen to tapes in his aunt’s garage with his cousins and eventually started coming up with his own raps. Flo Rida, whose hits include “Good Feeling” and “Wild Ones,” cited his cousins as the ones who encouraged him to continue pursuing music. One of the audience’s most burning questions was how he came up with his famous moniker. Flo Rida, whose real name is Tramar Dillard, explained that he and his friends were stumped as to what his performing name should be until he had the inspiration to pay homage to his home state – Florida. The name also has significance because of his fast rapping style, which is referred to as “flow.”

His visit to CHOP is just one of the many charitable things he does. He talked about his two charities, Florida Youth Football League and Big Dreams for Kids Foundation. Both are dedicated to improving the lives of children, a cause which to close to his heart. He emphasized how important it is to him to show his gratitude for all he has and to give back to others. “Be humble, show love,” he stated, adding that he loves to receive smiles and give smiles to others. Flo Rida’s music career is so busy that, when asked by a patient, he could not remember how many songs he has made. A lot of these songs are collaborations, which he said that he enjoys doing because they allow him to make new friends, as well as grow as an artist. T-Pain has been his favorite collaborator, because of the huge success of their song “Low,” which was one of Flo’s early hits. Everyone had a great time meeting Flo Rida and hearing his answers to the many questions he was asked. It was a great visit and we hope he stops by again the next time he is in Philadelphia!