Florida Georgia Line Stops By Seacrest Studios While On Tour With Luke Bryan!

Written by Angus Varughese

Florida Georgia Line – consisting of members Brian Kelly (better known as BK) and Tyler Hubbard – visited Seacrest Studios at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia on Saturday. After a fun interview, where the resident DJs and audience members asked questions, BK and Tyler spent time taking pictures and talking to fans. The duo, who is currently touring with Luke Bryan, talked about their on-road experiences. The band admitted that touring with twelve people might be overwhelming at first, but “you get used to it, and you become a family.” Tyler and BK even let fans in on their pre-performance rituals, which involve a chant that changes each day.

BK and Tyler also talked about their inspirations in song writing, which consisted of artists from a diverse selection of music genres, from hip-hop to Christian. Yet, when it comes to writing their music, the band “writes about things we know about,” according to Tyler. There was even a little reminiscing involved as Tyler and BK recalled hearing their song on the radio for the first time. BK laughed as he explained that he ran out to his car and blasted the song, which his neighbors might not have been too happy about. Tyler’s story involved driving with his friend and joking that he should turn on the radio to see if he was on. As luck would have it, Florida Georgia Line was playing! When asked about future plans, the band confessed that their plans involved being “on tour forever,” as well as an album in the fall. We had a great time with Florida Georgia Line and hope they come and visit us again! _Article written by Agnus Varughese, an intern at Seacrest Studios, currently attending Drexel University.