Forever in Your Mind Makes A Visit Patients Will Never Forget At Seacrest Studios

Video and Blog by Seacrest Studios Intern Madison Price.

Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) was thrilled to have Forever In Your Mind (FIYM) visit Seacrest Studios. Patients were excited to meet Emery Kelly, Jon Klaasen and Ricky Garcia and listen to the band (who was formed on The X-Factor) sing live in studio. Voted the “Ones to Watch” by Bop magazine, the band put out their first single last year entitled “She Lights the World” and followed up with a Christmas single in December. Now the guys are busy working on their debut album, with a possible tour to follow, and their future is looking bright!

We got a sneak peek of what the future holds for these guys when the energetic trio stopped by Seacrest Studios at CHOC. In between chatting about The X-Factor, the mysterious Simon Cowell selfies, and life in LA, the guys treated us to a preview of their songs “Sweet Little Something” and “Smile On The World”, both of which will appear on their upcoming album.

When asked about their experience on the show that kick-started the careers of artists such as Leona Lewis, Emblem3 and One Direction, the guys collectively agreed that the show taught them a lot. As Jon said, “We got used to the hard work that we need to put into this industry. It’s all about the hard work. Then after that you can have fun.” And FIYM definitely has the fun aspect down. Beneath the cool, boy band exterior, the guys of Forever In Your Mind are sweet, silly and always laughing and joking around. While they take most of their inspiration from artists such as Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson and Bastille, the guys did admit to being a fan of fellow boy band One Direction, as well as the ultimate boy band N*Sync.

The guys described what it was like to sing with Lance Bass on a Sirius XM radio show, and Ricky divulged his love for Justin Timberlake. He gave us his best Justin impression, before the group broke into a spontaneous rendition of “Cups (When I’m Gone)” with our resident interviewing extraordinaire Shayla. Although they miss their hometowns, and have mixed emotions about Los Angeles’ season-less weather, the boys of Forever In Your Mind are happy to be chasing their dreams together in California, and are excited to see what the future holds!

After promising to keep us in the loop regarding their future projects, the guys took some time to hang out with patients and even went up to the floors for some room visits. With their charming personalities and great energy, they left smiles everywhere they went. Giving hugs, signing autographs, and even treating a few patients to their own private in-room concerts, Forever In Your Mind succeeded in brightening the patients’ days. Thanks for stopping by, guys!